Union Island

your Caribbean getaway on a simplistic rustic island

Union Island as part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

General information

  • 3.000 inhabitats
  • Avarage temperature of 27 – 30 degrees Celsius
  • Official language is English
  • Up and coming holiday destination
  • Travel time:

    Amsterdam, AMS approx. 11 hrs

    London, LHR approx. 11 hrs

    Los Angeles, LAX approx. 11 hrs

    New York, JFK approx. 10 hrs

    Miami, MIAapprox. 8 hrs

  • Type of beach: coral, white and gold beaches

Caribbean island

Union Island is one of the Windward Islands, part of the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have been an independent nation in the British Commonwealth since 1979. Clifton and Ashton are its bustling core with a colorful marina where yachts and sailboats are welcomed by the island’s friendly residents. Union Island also has a small airport that is accessible year-round, a modern hospital and several surfing schools.

Sailing and kiting

The waves, trade winds and leading surfing schools make the island an ideal destination for kiting and surfing sports. There are frequent departures from the marina by yachts and organized cruises that take passengers on multi-day tours to the well-known islands of Barbados and Grenada as well as more distant islands. Furthermore, for the individual traveler, ferries regularly leave from Clifton Harbour to popular Grenadines islands such as Palm Island, Canouan, Mayreau, Petit Saint Vincent, Mustique and Saint Vincent.


More than anything, the island is a delightful place for diving with imposing rocks along the northern shore and plenty of pleasant bays in the south. Blooming coral colonies can be seen in every direction and reached within minutes on foot or by boat. The white sand that frames the reefs makes the underwater colors glow with chromatic beauty. Last but not least, at a depth of 30 meters sits a volcanic valley, a more adventurous diving spot where tectonic plates keep the sea-floor in constant motion.

Lounging and going out

As a former British outpost, the island offers a rich assortment of attractive restaurants, where fresh snapper or lobster is grilled, steamed and sweetened with breadfruit and coconut drops ‒ all for you to see. Quench the hot peppers with authentic rum or a fruit punch at one of the charming cocktail bars and dream away to the sound of swaying palm trees and calypso music. The islands in the Caribbean Sea offer more variety than the brochures might suggest.

High society has spent many years enjoying exclusive islands like Mustique and Petit Saint Vincent. Now, Union Island is also presenting itself as an exclusive vacation hideaway. But it has escaped the attention of the mass tourist, which has kept the island unique.

Recreational fishing

Fly fishing and deep sea fishing from your boat: for the more adventurous fisher enthusiast,
there is an ocean of possibilities around Union Island. From barracudas and bonefish to
snapper and golden mackerel: the waters are abundant with fish and the area is pristine.
There are day trips and local fishermen who would be happy to take you to the best fishing

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