Secret Garden

35 elegant chalets in 5 timeless designs

‘Palm trees and colorful flowers frame the entrance of the wellness center and the boutique hotel. Moments away, visitors enjoy their cocktails and meals in the bar and restaurant. The barbecue on the Jetty is already heating up for today’s freshly caught fish’

A chalet not only as a second home but also as a smart investment through luxury rental. Buy your vacation home in the Caribbean: a valuable asset, a smart investment.

35 elegant chalets in  

5 timeless designs

The park features 5 different types of accommodation. Together, the chalets form a unique mix of elegance, class and modernity in a rolling tropical landscape. Above all, consistency in the overall design and the absence of vehicles in the resort make for surroundings that are visually serene.

The dynamic architecture created by Designis focuses on the blurring of any visible barriers between the various spaces of the chalets, the ocean and tropical oasis. Here, in and around your chalet, where the open character of every design is in harmony with its environment, you can enjoy the never-ending outdoor life.

Through careful selection of a rich assortment of local flora, the chalets have been integrated into the surrounding vegetation, allowing the resort to retain its authentic tropical landscape and guaranteeing absolute privacy around your chalet.

Sustainable finishes, including an irrigation system that collects rainwater for cultivated fruit and ginger trees, golden shower trees and the plumeria, have created an efficient  maintenance program.

Furthermore, the chalets offer additional design options such as the construction of an open-air swimming pool, outdoor bathroom, Jacuzzi and rain showers, all according to your own tastes and needs.

From the sun terrace or outdoor kitchen of every chalet, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea and the park to the south. By carefully positioning the windows and  playing with the undulating landscape, we have realised ultimate privacy. You are also within easy reach of Campbell Beach on foot, by bike or by electric cart.

Two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, including toilet, shower, double sink, bathtub and bathroom furniture, a bathroom, a living room and a fully modern kitchen are all basic elements of the 5 alternative chalet blueprints.

The many optional additions to the plot you buy include a sun terrace, outside shower, private swimming pool, outdoor Jacuzzi an exterior kitchen and a third bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Moreover, the addition of a building element such as an extra bedroom with en-suite bathroom offers the potential of a higher return. Artist’s impressions and detailed floor plans are available on request.

Which Caribbean chalet suits your needs?

The slope gives rise to spectacular views and vistas

1-2 bedrooms |   1-2 bathrooms   |   1 kitchen

  • 968 ft2 living area 
  • split-level with kitchen at the back
  • ample storage space
  • 2 stories
  • complementary options: outdoor Jacuzzi , canopy, outside showers, sun terrace

A splendid kitchen in the lead role

1,2 or 3 bedrooms   |   1,2 or 3 bathrooms   |   1 kitchen

  • 861 ft2 living area
  • indoor-outdoor kitchen
  • terrace and sun deck
  • complementary options: outdoor Jacuzzi, outside showers, stone bar and 3rd bedroom with en-suite bathroom

Cubist, symmetrical and surprisingly relaxing

1,2 or 3 bedrooms   |   2 or 3 bathrooms   |   1 kitchen

  • 839 ft2 living area
  • eye-catching veranda with wooden louver slats
  • sun terrace
  • complementary options: outdoor Jacuzzi and 3rd bedroom with bathroom

Between the bedrooms lies an unexpected exterior space with outside bathroom

2 of 3 bedrooms   |   2 or 3 bathrooms  |   1 kitchen

  • 1044 ft2 living area
  • extra high ceilings
  • terrace and spa
  • complementary options: outdoor spa, outdoor bath or Jacuzzi and 3rd bedroom with en-suite bathroom

We are here to answer all your questions.

Your own ‘secret garden’. Only 2 available.

2 bedrooms   |   2 bathrooms   |   1 kitchen | 1 indoor garden

  • premium edition: 1076 ft2 living area; extra large version: 1400 ft2
  • multi-level living and roof terrace
  • outdoor spa and spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea
  • 98- 164 ft from the beach
  • 2 stories

Masterplan Secret Garden

Our landscape design team designed the Secret Garden master plan. Each chalet has its own piece of secret garden with lots of surrounding greenery. The smart positioning of the chalets ensures sufficient privacy and the possibility to welcome the cooling ocean breeze into your home. The chalets are situated in such a way that you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea from your terrace.

Secret Garden is located in a hilly landscape and has beautiful green surroundings with views at Union Island, the neighbouring islands and the Caribbean Sea. Each lot is designed with its own landscape features that determine the appropriate housing design for this location.

View the lots here and discover which type of chalet is available for sale per lot.

Stylish interior options

When you purchase a Secret Garden chalet, you will receive a style book containing various tasteful, customized interior concepts. Use it as a form of inspiration or choose to let us take care of the interior completely.

About Union Island, Caribbean

All year round it is possible to reach Union Island by plane or to moor your boat in Clifton Harbour. Neighbors to this beautiful island include The Grenadines, Mustique, Baliceaux, Canouan, The Tobago Cays and Petit St Vincent.